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Green Irish Tweed.

If you’re into fragrances then no doubt you’ve heard of the Creed classic “Green Irish Tweed.”. GIT, as it’s affectionately known amongst the perfume loving community, has been around since the mid 1980s and was made famous by a multitude of celebrities that claimed to wear this “walk through the Irish countryside”.


Green Irish Tweed is still a winner 30 years later

Green Irish Tweed does have a distinctive fresh scent, I suppose reminiscent of wandering through freshly cut grass (if you use your imagination well enough).

You’ll read all over the internet that it smells similar to Davidoff’s highly successful Cool Water. Does it? For sure it does. They have subtle differences, but to the average Joe on the street, a large chunk wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


I’d really quite like GIT except the performance just isn’t great on me. I find that after 3 or 4 hours I’m struggling to smell it, and its definitely a skin scent after 5 hours or so. I’ve never smelt it on me at the end of a full working day.

Evidently the performance I get with CW is quite similar.

This was the most disappointing thing for me, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t even really get to lunch time with the smell of it hanging in the air. That was a let down. You pay big coin and you expect good performance. I don’t really get that with GIT unfortunately.


For me, not really, maybe one or two but I’ve actually had people say that its one of the fragrances they like the least on me. Its funny because without doubt I’ve had more compliments wearing Cool Water. Go figure.

Its not that polarising that people will hate it I don’t think, its still a pretty safe sort of work scent but I just don’t get the performance out of it to last a whole day.

Compliments is more about how you wear it, not what you wear anyway.

Is it worth the coin?

Well to me yes and no. I was always going to buy it because it was a Creed classic and I think they make solid fragrances. Was I disappointed? In the smell, no I liked it, but I was definitely disappointed in the performance. This has the worst performance of any of the Creeds I own. Would I buy it again, probably, its cool to put on after a shower if you’re lurking about, but I’d never wear it out as it would be all over red rover far too quickly.

I’d suggest walking into a retailer, spraying 3 or 4 sprays and seeing how the smell and performance works for you. Its a safe enough blind buy if you’re comfortable with the fact it may not be the longest laster out there.